Easy enough question, yet so difficult to answer. It’s different for everyone. People have found many ways to become writers. Some are successful and sadly others aren’t.

I believe the first question that needs an answer is: Why do you want to become a writer?” Is it to become famous?, an authority?, because you’re good at it?, ’cause everyone says you should ?, because you love it?

There’s no correct answer, but it’s always good to know the motivation behind it. Once the raison d’ecrire is clear, the activity becomes easier. It becomes meaningful.

February, Kass quoteIn my case, I love writing. I can’t say it’s something that I liked since I was little. That’s far from reality. When I was younger I loved drawing and painting, writing wasn’t part of my list of activities. Something I enjoyed back then was listening to stories. In a way, I believe it’s because of them that now I feel the need of creating my own.

I clearly remember my grandparents telling me stories. My grandmother read “Cendrillion” to me every night the summer I turned seven. She liked to share with me her favorite romantic and fantastic stories. On the other hand, my grandfather didn’t retell fair tales during story time. He chose suspense and horror instead. Drink My Red Blood by Richard Matheson and Pig by Roald Dahl were some of his favorites. In a way, I want people to enjoy my writing as much as I did those stories my grandparents told me when I was younger.

As soon as the Why is clear, the How is defined. Writing becomes a journey.

“Writing is a process, a journey into memory and the soul.”

─ Isabel Allende

Join me in mine!

Best regards,

K.T. Castle

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