Destiny has its singular way of building up a life.

I remember how when I was younger everyone said that it was up to me to create my own future, to build the life I wanted. Life taught me differently.

I went through many stages as I grew up. I wanted to be an singer/actress/model and win Miss Universe. Later on, I wanted to be an accountant (yep , I did. As it turned out I’m good with numbers and I got a degree as a accountant auxiliar). Then, I wanted to be some sort of engineer, specially when I discovered about Disney’s Imagineers. I even went to talk to artists that worked at Disney and showed them some of my artwork. So, according to my younger self, I was going to be a successful single woman with a BMW and an apartment in California.

destinyI’m way too far from what my younger self envisioned. At some point during my life, I decided getting dirty (as an imagineer/engineer would) was not my thing and it wasn’t worth spending that kind of money in my education. I also decided I wanted to be close to my family. I’ve been blessed with traveling around the world and was lucky enough to live in different counties and continents. I could’ve chosen one of them to continued my life. But after spending close to three years living far from my family, I decided I wanted to be close to them and build my life in my hometown. So I returned and studied graphical design.

Art has always being a passion of mine. Drawing, sketching, painting are activities that fill me with life. I can work on a piece for days, even weeks. So studying design was natural.  Something I enjoyed and I was good at. Something that made me feel fulfilled and complete, until a handsome rock ‘n’ roll guy came back into my life.

Why is it always love influencing our desicions?

I met him before I did my traveling around the world, before I decided what I wanted to be, who I wanted to be. We met in high school and had a brief romance but a true friendship was born from it. He’s been a part of my life ever since. And when we were in college our romance restated, more deeply and serious. Needless’s to say that my life changed in ways I didn’t expect. What I envisioned as a teenager changed, morphed into something in which “we” was more important than “I.”

Summing up, I’m not living in California or close to my family. My closest relatives live six hours away from me (driving) and I would have to drive for three days straight to get to California. I don’t have an apartment but a beautiful home. I don’t have a BMW, we have a Honda and a VW. I’m not a singer/actress/model imagineer, not even close to any of them. But I have a beautiful life. I’m blessed in ways I never thought I would. I have things I never imagined for myself and an incredible family that supports me blindly.

It is not in the stars to hold our destiny but in ourselves.

─ William Shakespeare

Destiny didn’t agree with the life I envisioned for myself, circumstances had a lot to do with the direction my life took and the results weren’t what I had in mind. Regardless, I still have a clear picture of what I want out of my life, the steps I want to take, the results I want to get. Writing and painting are a solid constant I foresee in my future and now I know that in order to achieve everything that I want from life I have to be constant. Take all the circumstances, twists and consequences placed before me and create positive experiences and opportunities from them. Destiny has a plan for me. Life has a plan for me. But I have plans of my own. With consistency and tenacity I can design my own destiny and adapt to whatever plan it has for me. Destiny and I do not always agree, but I have to accept that sometimes (even if not as glamorous as I do) destiny has better plans for me than the ones I have for myself.

Follow your heart and build your own destiny.

To be part of my path in chasing happiness join my list.

Kind regards,

K.T. Castle

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