There so many things happening right now that I don’t know where to start.

The launching of The Bridesmaid’s Checklist is getting closer and closer. The release day will be July 19.

  • Am I ready for it to happen? No.
  • Does it feel like I’m going to publish? No.
  • Do I have great expectations for the launch?  Some. I do expect people to download it and enjoy it.

Farther from that I don’t expect much else.

So, what is happening in #BCL world?

First of: The Cover

I sent a creative brief to a wonderful designer. He’ll help me create an amazing cover. I initially wanted to do it by myself, but then I decided that even if I’m a good artist I needed a pro at it. It might display some of my artwork, but a digital expert will be doing some serious magic. Expect a beautiful cover design.

There will be a cover contest, too! As soon as the cover proposals are ready, I want to know what cover you like the most. So keep an eye on social media to see the possible covers for BCL and vote for your favorite.

Second: Pitching BCL to Influencers.

I have a huge list of people I admire and I’m going to reach out and try to get them to read (even if a little part of) my book. Send me as much positive vibe that you can, because I need it.

Do you have someone in mind that I could try and reach? Give me those names, please. I need all the help I can get.

Third: BCL2 for Betas.

Very very soon, like in a couple of weeks, The Bridesmaid’s Checklist 2 is going to be sent to my list of beta readers. Book number two of the series will be out in hands other than mine. OMG!

Which makes me wonder, are you interested in becoming a beta reader? Send me an email if you are.

Fourth: Prewriting BCL3.

Yes! There’s a third book… or there’s gonna be. I have to start brainstorming for the third book since I’ll dedicate the month of July to writing it. What new troubles can my girls have? You’ll have to wait to find out.

Other stories


I’ve been publishing weekly chapters in #wattpad for a couple of months now. If you follow me on social media,  and I hope you do, you’ve seen my posts about it.

first love coverFirst Love is a story about a couple, Kylie and Jason, who met and dated in high school. Due to a misunderstanding, the relationship couldn’t advance further. Ten years later, the couple is reunited in their professional lives. The love they felt for each other is reborn even if one of them isn’t ready to accept it.

What’s more exciting about this story, and my experience in wattpad, is that there’s people actually reading it. So if you have a wattpad account and like romance please check it out, comment and vote. Eventually this story will end in hands of my editor and be published, so take advantage of the opportunity to read it there.

There’s a lot of other stories I want to write about and not enough time, but they will get written and everyone will have the chance to read them all.

Thanks for your support.

Feel free to share the love and invite your friends to check out my work. I’d really appreciate it!


K.T. Castle

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