Creating the perfect cover for your book is a big challenge. There’s just so many options out there, so many things to consider. Since I studied design I though it would be an easy task. I was so wrong.

The first problem I encountered was that I wanted to design my own cover. I have the knowledge, I have the tools, I have the ideas… but I don’t have the time. There’s so much to do before launching a book and every minute I have to make it happen is precious. Thankfully, I have lots of designer friends to help me out on the cover project… Which became my second problem. If they’re all my friends, who should I ask to help me out?Making that decision was hard, but I had to make it and I know all my friends understand I admire them all equally.

Then I had to do a lot of research to have an idea of the kind of cover I wanted. That was a little easier. Until I realized that the artwork I created for the cover wasn’t what I wanted in it.

July 3, 2016. Art work for cover

I had beautiful artwork that had nothing to do with the ideas I had for the cover. The majority of the covers I found in my genre had sexy and beautiful pictures, and I had none of that. My designer recommended several sites where I could buy stock-pictures from. Which eventually would fall into every writer’s problem: budget. There’s many options out there to choose from, I personally like Shutterstock, but if free images is what you need Pexels is the best option out there for struggling authors like me. Then again, do I want to have a cover that can be easily reproduced by someone else? No. I wanted original pictures with beautiful models. Which came back around to budgeting. But I am lucky and very blessed.

I have wonderful people who is willing to help me out whenever I need them. And no, they didn’t help me by creating a fund. Even better. They allowed me to use them as models. How wonderful is that? They’ve given me permission to use their pictures and image for my book. I can’t thank them enough.

All of this summed up in my last set of problems. What images should I use? What’s the best cover I could have? Will I be able to attract readers of my genre? And many other questions that hover inside my head. But then I realized I don’t have to do this alone, there’s people around me that can help me. So, please, help me out!

I created a small poll to see what images appeal readers the most.

Please take a look at it. Your feedback is very valuable for me.

Thanks a bunch!


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