Hi, everyone

Time sure flies!

Cover preeliminarThe Bridesmaid’s Checklist: Laura’s Wedding was released two months ago. It was exciting, all that energy and adrenaline rushing everywhere. I’m ready to do it again. The second book of the series will be released soon. I’ll cover up social media with the date so you don’t miss out. I have the best group of beta readers ever so that I can create the best product ever. I can only say that this new story is much better than the first. If you liked Laura’s wedding, wait until you hear about the next.

In the mid time, I’ve had some exciting giveaways during September to spice things up a bit. I had a couple on my Facebook page and I somehow ended up with several winners. I had another one with in of my favorites reading groups, Romance Readers Retreat, and gave away two books. For the final giveaway I wanted to make something special for my readers, so I decided to choose (with the help of random.org) a person out of my mailing list to get this awesome prices:

giveaway 12 complete.png
If you aren’t part of my subscribers yet, there’s no better time to join.

Here are the details for the #giveaway. I appreciate social media share of this information.

This #giveaway is exclusive for my list! If your name isn’t  there yet, there’s still time to join. Click here to do it.

Fourth #Giveaway of September

* Digital copy of The Bridesmaid’s Checklist #BCL
* #BCL t-shirt
* #BCL thermos
* #BCL bookmark
* #BCL small pin
* Digital ARC of The Bridesmaid’s Checklist 2 #BCL2

To enter simply join my list and #subscribe to my newsletter.
#LIKE s, #TAG s, and #SHARE s are always welcome.

One winner will be selected on Monday evening using random.org.
Please take a look at the giveaway rules.

Thanks for all your help!

Kind regards,
K.T. Castle

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