A few weeks ago I ran several giveaways in social media. It was very exciting to send prizes and make people happy all over the place. I just can’t seem to stop so the prizes will continue, and to make it more exciting I’ll do it through a tour.

My first tour ever!!

There’s many things to prepare for this tour. I have Marianne and Judy, owners of Goddess Fish Promotions, preparing everything there is to prepare about it. I was actually told I should only wait and relax until the tour starts on October 24. But you know me and I can’t keep still until the time arrives.


This tour is a virtual Book Blast Tour. It’s meant some exposure will be given to the book in different blogs. As a way of saying, “Hey, if you haven’t heard yet, there’s this book and it’s a good read.”

There are over 30 blogs that will be making this tour happen and I really want to thank them all for giving #BCL a space to shine under the stars.

If you have a blog, or know someone that does, they can be part of the tour. Use this link to join. Keep in mind the blog’s audience and if the content of my book might fit their expectations.

What’s most exciting about this tour is that The Bridesmaid’s Checklist is going to be FREE from October 24 to 26 while the blast lasts.

I also want to thank everyone that has given my book a review.costumer-reviews

I am truly thankful for the amount of downloads the book has had, and I am also really lucky to have very good reviews. My book review rate is 4.4. Amazing!
If you haven’t read the book, what are you waiting for? Read a sneak peak and download it on Kindle. It’s going to be on promotion from the 24 to the 26.
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