The beginning of a new year is always a time for reflection. Getting ready for how you want to spend 2017 is a must. Yeah, maybe last year wasn’t everything we wanted or expected, but it’s up to us to make this year the best possible year ever.

You might think I’m a crazy optimistic, but let’s just say I decide not to be the opposite.

This year I have a list full of challenges, all jolted down in my bullet journal (I started one yesterday, so let’s see how it goes). I want to make so many different things: love, read, write, travel, and most of all be grateful. I want to be grateful for everything I have, had had and will have, because regardless of how bad things may go I am really blessed.

So I thought of ways to make everyone around me feel that way. I want to motivate people into believing, or accepting, all the good that we have in our lives regardless of what bad could be lurking around.

The thing that came to my mind were books, ‘cause well, I love them. And it’ll be my book, ‘cause well, I’m proud of it. And I have several ways for you to get your hands on my books.

The Bridesmaid’s Checklist

seasons-greetingThe first one is really simple. Visit intaFreebie and get your copy. Just like that.

The second one is to participate in my giveaway. I had a blog tour for the release of my newest book #BCL: Marisol’s Wedding and I organized a giveaway for it. You can learn all about it following this link to my facebook page. Please do, you could win a $10 Amazon gift card or a signed paperback copy of one of my books (your choice).

The last one is by joining my mailing list. I have an exclusive giveaway among my subscribers. As a thank you for being part of my list, I’ll raffle my two books in paperback form to one lucky winner. And please don’t worry about joining my list, I use it to write maybe once or twice a month with updates of my writing and some other times when one of my favorite author-friends is having a promotion or release. I promise I’m a good girl.

So there’s three different ways to get one (or two) of my books. Do it today since the promotion ends on january 3rd.

What do I want in return you ask?

For you to enjoy yourself, hopefully your name on my list and it’ll be awesome to have a review from you. The best thing you could give an author is a review!

Happy new year!


P.S. The Bridesmaid’s Checklist is a contemporary new adult romance series. You can read more about it by clicking here. I have an excerpt of each book on my site somewhere, for Laura’s Wedding (BCL1) click here, and for Marisol’s Wedding (BCL2) click here. Make sure to read my New Year’s Special scene from BCL1.

Learn more about me here and please follow me on social media.

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