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This has been such an exciting year.

Now I’m giving other authors a hand here in the blog. It’s so exciting to learn so much about people working the same trade!

I’ll start doing author interviews soon, so if there’s anything you could think of asking an author send me an email.

One of the questions that often arise for author is about the cover.

  • Is that how you picture your character?
  • Where did you get the image from?
  • Is it accurate? because when I was reading I imagined it differently.

I’ve been asked this an other questions. So I thought you might want to know about my covers.

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 Laura's Wedding  /  Marisol's Wedding

I always work hard to get the best images for my covers. There’s plenty of options to do so, like downloading images from sites such as Pexels and Shuttershock (my personal favorites). But I really want to offer my readers something that’s original and excusive, I wouldn’t want them to find the same picture in another cover, so Victor (my designer) and I do a lot of work to create beautiful pristine artwork.

Laura’s Wedding

book 01In my first book, Laura’s Wedding, I needed a portrait of Laura and Edward with the background of Bora Bora, where the wedding “took place”. I had the opportunity to use a picture from a couple of beautiful models who never before used their images in a book. Those pictures are from their actual wedding, and they were kind enough to allow me to use them. For the background picture we actually used an image of Hawaii (from the models’ honeymoon, hehe), not Bora Bora but we made it work.

So you see how we used everything we had at our disposition to create the final product. I’d haven’t visited Bora Bora, so pictures from the exotic island weren’t an option at the time.

Marisol’s Wedding

BCL2 softcover 024.pngNow, from my second book, I wanted to follow the same style. A breath taking background with a stunning model that once again was looking straight at the reader. As with Laura, I found someone who was willing to allow me to use her wedding pictures to portrait Marisol. But in this case, I wanted a real picture of the actual setting of the wedding.

Marisol’s wedding, in the story, happened in Finca La Devoción. A small hacienda in Atotonilco in San Miguel Allende, México.

I visited the finca last year for a wedding, so when I was writing Marisol’s book it easily came to mind while picturing settings. I even had some great pictures of the event and place, but sometimes our “great” pictures aren’t cover worthy. So I did the only thing I could think of doing, contacting the manager of La Devoción and asking them for pictures.

Surprisingly they were kind enough to allow me to use their images and they gave me their blessings. Now I want you to know a little bit of who they are.

Finca La Devoción

Finca La Devoción is a place where they want to create a merry space for any special event. They have an natural organic architecture, with great yards, a clay-cobbled esplanades, water fountains and a millenary aqueduct.


They offer a beautiful house with two bedrooms and four terraces, they also have twelve bedrooms (each of them with their bathroom), a lovley spa with jacuzzi, thermalwaters, and a salon with a warm kitchen, colorful aviary, water mirrors, tented gardens, parking lot and the mezcaleria “El Tinieblo”.

I invite you to visit San Miguel Allende, a place considered one of the most beautiful cities in the world, and drop by Atotonilco to visit its sactuary and finca. You will certainly have a wonderful adventure visiting their vineyard and looking at the amazing scenery.

Regardless if you read my book or not, San Miguel Allende and Finca La Devoción are a beautiful place to visit.

Book cover design process

Design a cover for a novel is not an easy task. You need to know about your genre, your audience and many other things. It is always recommended that you hire a professional designer who has experience in this area. There are some very affordable sites that may help you out, such as fiverr or The Book Designer. If you decide to give it a try and create your own design there’s several software you could use to accomplish it. You could go as simple as Word and PowerPoint, an online program such as PicMonkey or Canva, or go pro with Photoshop.

  • Start by making some research. It is extremely important that you know your niche upside down. Look at the most important authors in your genre and study their covers. Choose your favorite and keep them in mind while designing your cover.
  • Think about the elements you want to include. Sure you’ll need an image and title, but what else do you need? What information are other authors including? What information would you like to include? Make a list of the elements that you must have in your cover, spine and backcover.
  • Make sure your designer has enough information about the book. Idealy he or she will take sometime to read the book and know what it is about. If this is not possible, you need to let the designer know about the story and its characters. You could write a small burlb and a list of important elements to consider.
  • Always have several options. When creating a cover you can’t settle for having one option and sticking with it, regardless who is creating the cover you’ll need several drafts to choose from. Ask for at least three option that you’ll then analize and consider.
  • Express your likes and dislikes. Something is not right with the cover the designer came up with? Make sure to mention it. Most writers aren’t visual, that’s why sometimes we struggle explaining what we want. Be sure to give your designer feedback about the things you liked about the options and specially to point out the things you didn’t like. That’ll help the designer narrow down your ideas.
  • Fonts say a lot. Trust your designer to choose fonts that will speak about the book and ask him to play around with them (and their sizes) using the selected image covers. You never know how a good font can improve your cover’s message.
  • Ask for feedback. I’m sure you have people around you that would love to help you through this process. Have them take a look at the final ideas and help you decide what’s the best option for your book. Keep in mind that you’ll not please everyone and that’s completedly fine.
  • Consider cover sizes and formats. You might have our book published in print and ebook. Make sure that the cover is visible and makes sense in all publishing formats.
  • You’ll need a print ready file. To be ready to use your cover, you’ll need the file to be appropriate for each platform. If you’re publishing in CreateSpace, Amazon, IngramSpark, or any other, make sure you read the guideliness for cover format so the image that the designer (or you) created is someting you can successfully upload. To have multiple image formats never hurts.
  • Want to make it extra fun? Create a contest or poll! See how people react to your cover. You coud even use their feedback to improve the final version.

Best of luck creating your cover.



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