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From USA Today Bestselling author J.L. Berg comes a sexy standalone about love, lies and every dirty little thing in between.

It wasn’t just a job.

It was my way back to the top.

After losing my position as a journalist for one of the biggest news publications in the world, I knew I’d do anything to get it back.

Even if it meant breaking a few hearts to get there.

She was the hottest author in the country.

Known only by a pen name, there wasn’t a person alive who wasn’t dying to discover her true identity.

And I’d figured it out.

Her real name was Kate O’Malley and not only did I plan on finding her, but I fully intended on learning every dirty secret she had and exploiting it for my own gain.

But I underestimated my prey.

I didn’t anticipate how her words would intoxicate me, or how the curves of her body would consume me.

I never meant to fall in love.

And now I had a choice to make.

Do I give up everything for the woman I set out to destroy, or walk away, making me the biggest fraud of all?


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About J.L. Berg

J.L. Berg is the USA Today bestselling author of the Ready Series, The Walls Duet, and the Lost & Found Duet. She is a California native living in the beautiful state of historic Virginia. Married to her high school sweetheart, they have two beautiful girls that drive them batty on a daily basis. When she’s not writing, you will find her with her nose stuck in a romance novel, in a yoga studio or devouring anything chocolate. J.L. Berg is represented by Jill Marsal of Marsal Lyon Literary Agency, LLC.

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My Review

KT Four Stars.jpg

Fraud is a sexy standalone that deals with the love life of a famous author that hides behind her pen name.

“They were all settle with kids of various ages, and I was… well, I had a cat.”

Katelyn O’Malley is a loan processor that works in a college. She’s kind of a loaner and hides from the world behind books and writing. Her best friend, Jane, happens to be the only family she has and encourages her to publish her novel. Kate soon becomes a smashing success as an author, and while as Laura Stone has an aura of sexiness and sexuality, Kate is portrait as nothing more than a sweet and innocent (very innocent) girl.

“But, secretly, I was watching her, noticing the intensity in her expression as she worked and the way she’d close her eyes, as if she were actually living the words she typed. As her teeth bit down over her bottom lip, I found myself leaning forward in anticipation, wondering what fantasy was being played out in her head. Was it finished? Was it dirty? Maybe a little of both.”

Killian is a man on a mission. A series of bold publications in his career as a journalist gets him fired and blacklisted from his world. He is desperate to get back to the top. He is determined to use information he stole to reveal Laura Stone and he is shameless about it using every resource to his disposition. Including making Kate fall in love with him.

“Kare or Laura– it didn’t matter. I was falling for this woman.”


I didn’t take long for Killian to discover that Kate is the woman of his life, the one that makes everything better, the one he’s willing to change his life for, the one he doesn’t want to hurt. At the beginning he’s presented as a selfish ass, and eventually we learn why he uses everyone around him and refuses to see women as something that’s worth his time.

“Love had destroyed him. It’d destroyed them both. And, after picking up the pieces of my father’s shattered heart, I’d vowed that I’d never make the same mistake. I’d never fall in love.”

Kate and Killian are perfect for each other. They compensate each other in their strengths and flaws. During the story they find out that even if they’re two halves of a broken heart, they fit perfectly and make each other whole.

“All I had to do was own it. To be Laura Stone. The problem? I wasn’t even sure I knew how to be Katelyn O’Malley yet.”


Eventually both their truths come out and they have to face them. The secondary characters in the story have an important participation in Kate and Killian finding their happily ever after. Jane is a beautiful strong character that help them both out, and she’s Kate’s support system in every aspect of her life. Liam is Killian’s brother and he’s the reason Kate finds out about Killian’s initial intentions towards her. He seem’s like the best kind of trouble, and we’ll find all about him and he’s secrets in the next book of the series: Hacker.

“You have to wipe the slate clean when you’re starting over. Otherwise, you’re nothing but a fraud.”

I read this book in one sit. I enjoy it, it made me laugh, it made me upset and I wanted to slap Killian and Liam a couple of times. I totally identified myself with Kate, she’s reserved and shy, but her relationship with Killian helps her bloom into the woman she wanted to be. Kate and Killian deserve to be together. They’re better people when they’re together, not only as a couple but individually. I really enjoyed their story.


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