How To Know If He’s Really Your Man

by Dawn Burnett




Self-Help (non-fiction)



Wellness strategist Dawn Burnett has an impressive track record for helping people unlock better health and greater vitality. Like all of us, however, she has had a life filled with highs and lows. The child of divorced parents and a survivor of abuse, she was in a toxic marriage and then, just after her divorce, was hit by a drunk driver. These events, and the discovery that her son had a life-threatening condition, led her to a wake-up call. Studying to become an alternative medical practitioner to heal her child, she also sought answers on how to heal her own life. Along the way, she charted a course to ultimate wellness on a path filled with valuable lessons, deep wisdom, and insight on a variety of issues—including personal relationships. She recognized that becoming trapped by the toxic emotions of our past can weigh down our spirit and sabotage any chance we have at happiness today or in the future.

The result is Connect, a light but powerful little book that provides humorous yet effective ways to address key issues facing serious relationships. Filled with personal, engaging stories, complemented by captivating illustrations, it reveals: the pitfalls of dating in the digital age; the many ways we unintentionally sabotage our relationships; why we find ourselves choosing mates from the never-ending ‘carousel of losers’; and how we judge ourselves—and others—without mercy. The antidote is a simple, empowering plan readers can implement themselves to heal their own hearts, pinpoint their true dreams and desires, and find meaningful and lasting bonds with their partners — whether they have already met or are still looking. This amazing little book is big on success, and will help readers finally attain what they outwardly say they want—without the emotional resistance associated with trying to change their partner.



Have you reached a level of consciousness where you wake up and ask yourself why you seem to be on a merry-go-round? Do you wonder why the years pass but you find yourself continually back at the same place?

That’s life’s way of show you that something in you needs to change. It’s not what is happening around you.

Maybe you say you want a guy who will love you, settle down with you, and treat you with respect, but you keep attracting the same bad seed: the cheater guy, the abusive guy, or the non-committal guy.

Why does this keep happening? Is it your bad luck or a lack of good men where you live? No, it’s your old, conditioned consciousness showing up as the negative experiences of your past.

These experiences go as deep as your cellular level, and just like other toxins you might ingest, they can make you physically sick. This is why yoga has become so popular; it positively impacts the central nervous system by calming it down. In return, those toxic thoughts that have been trapped for years suddenly start releasing.

So slap on that spandex and get moving. Let your body flow, and soon you’ll be seeing clearly and the merry-go-round will come to a stop. Then it’s your choice to get off of it.


Author Bio and Links

MediaKit_AuthorPhoto_ConnectDawn Burnett (Orlando, Florida) is founder of A New Dawn Natural Solutions and the co-host of the radio show Wake Up and Listen. She provides wellness strategies to those who are frustrated with their current health situations and are ready to embrace alternative healing solutions, healing their bodies—and their lives—from the inside out. She has an impressive roster of television and speaking appearances including Fox, ABC and TBN, and is a regular contributor to the Huffington Post. Dawn is the author of True Confessions of the Heart and is co-author of Jack Canfield’s The Road to Success, Vol. 2.






Dawn will be awarding a digital copy of the book to a randomly drawn winner via rafflecopter during the tour.



May, 7 signs youre in a toxic relationship 2

Hello, everyone!

I’m really excited for today’s post since it’s the first time even that I have another author collaborate with me.

Most of you know that I’m writing the third book of the series The Bridesmaid’s Checklist (click on the title to learn more about it). In the series I have colorful characters that represent strong independent woman of our present. Kassandra, the main character, has had a series of bad experiences in the past and sadly she’s so “emotionally damaged” by them that she’s unable to see the great man that now is in her life. A man that loves her unconditionally.

When I saw Dawn’s book and its title it immediately called to me. There so many people out there willing to connect, to find that perfect blissful relationship that gives them a happily ever after. Sometimes it isn’t that simple. I have had different feedback from my characters dynamics going from “I so understand her” all the way to “How could she? I wanted to slap her!” since we all deal with our personal challenges differently according to our conditioned consciousness creating patterns that we repeat and repeat and repeat.

In Kassandra’s case, she dealt with a very toxic relationship when she was younger, and because of it she’s made a series of mistakes that lead to some very negative experiences. So I asked Dawn, being an expert in wellness, to point out to us the signs of toxic relationships.



  1. Your relationship with your partner drains you.
  2. You are constantly trying to make your partner happy.
  3. You feel tense and uncomfortable around your partner, like you are walking on eggshells.
  4. Your partner is very critical of you, and you feel you can never do anything right.
  5. You feel lonely or empty when you are with your partner.
  6. Your partner keeps you at arm’s length emotionally.
  7. You feel bad about yourself or think that you are never good enough when you are around your partner.

If any of these sound familiar I encourage you to re-evaluate your relationship. But keep in mind that it’s due to our past experiences how we deal with our present. If we want to change thing around and stop relating ourselves with a carbon copy of our past experiences, it is necessary to make some chances.

You need to heal your past before you can move forward.

-Dawn Burnett

There’s many ways to cope with repatterning our lives: therapy, literature or even wine (kidding on the wine comment… only a little bit 😉 ). Your very first step could be to reach Dawn on social media, her posts, radio show and books.

Thank you, Dawn, for your advice!



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