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The Nearness of You

by K.G. Fletcher


Contemporary Romance

About The Nearness of You

Lounge singer, Lauren Rose lived her comfortable life in Atlanta always dreaming of making it in show biz. When she unexpectedly meets British male super-model, David Randle at a gig at the posh St. Regis Hotel, she is swept away by his striking good looks and lilting cadence.

In town for his sister Catherine’s nuptials to NASCAR driver, Brian Brady, David invites Lauren to the wedding on a whim. The two instantly bond over music, fashion and family. They continue their new relationship in New York City when David invites Lauren to see him in action at a high profile fashion shoot for his debut fragrance, “Drive.”

Sparks fly when his assistant, Sabrina Watson is none too happy that his new girlfriend has interrupted his grueling, fast-paced schedule. She becomes fixated on separating the happy couple who are falling in love.

Traversing the East Coast and Europe with the paparazzi in hot pursuit, David and Lauren navigate the precarious path of fame, fashion and fate.

Her wildest dreams were coming true. Would she ever truly believe that his desire was to be near her – always?

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About K.G. Fletcher

KG Fletcher is the author of the contemporary romance novel, The Nearness of You released in October, 2017. She has also penned romantic suspense novels, Love Song released in April, 2017 and Unexpected released in December, 2016. She is an active member of RWA and the Georgia Romance Writers Association. She was a singer/songwriter in Nashville, TN and a recipient of the “Airplay International Award” for “Best New Artist” showcasing original songs at The Bluebird Café. She earned her BFA in theater at Valdosta State College and has traveled the world professionally as a singer/actress. She currently gets to play rock star as a backup singer in the National Tour, “Remember When Rock Was Young – the Elton John Tribute.” (

KG lives in Atlanta, GA with her husband Ladd and their three gorgeous sons. She is a hopeless romantic continuing her work on her original cabaret act called, “The Novel Romantic – an unexpected evening of sweet & spicy love” to help promote her romance novels.

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Lauren stopped in the middle of the room wringing her hands in front of her. Her voice quivered as she spoke. “Sabrina said you were a fan of this designer. She said you told her his creations reminded you of your favorite Robert Redford movie, The Great Gatsby. I trusted them, David. But there’s no way in hell I’m accompanying you to the awards show looking like this.”

He stood several feet from her taking it all in and couldn’t find the words to comfort her; to apologize for what his team had done.

“Please say something,” she whispered as big, black tears rolled down her face.

She was wearing a dismal, gray, floor-length gown that had a high collar covering most of her skin. Long, stringy fringe hung off the neck-line and shoulders down to her breasts. It was ill-fitted and did nothing to enhance her figure. Black lace “Madonna” gloves with the fingers cut out were on her hands and several chunky, silver bracelets jingled up her arms. Her makeup was Gothic—heavy, dark eyeliner outlining her eyes and grey lips. There was not a trace of color, not a hint of the beautiful Lauren Rose in the woman that stood before him. He was most concerned about her honey-colored hair. It was either pinned up with a thousand pins or cropped short, one lone curl plastered to the middle of her forehead embellished with a flapper headband in gaudy, fake rhinestones.

“Your hair…,” he started uneasily.

“It’s pinned.” She nervously reached a shaky hand to her head as if feeling a thousand bobby pins. “I’m sorry.” She broke down, her knees buckling from under her, collapsing onto the carpet with her head in her hands.

David rushed to her, pulling her into his arms. “Oh, Lauren. Hush, darling… it’s all right. It’s not as bad as it seems,” he tried to reassure her.

“Yes! It is! The look on your face said it all. I knew this wasn’t a look that you would be fond of, but I was too embarrassed to stop them.” She sobbed while he rocked her back and forth in his arms. He tried to stroke her hair but was met with the sharp edges of hundreds of pins holding her golden locks in place, plastered with hairspray.

He pulled her back from his chest and lifted her chin with his fingertips offering a sympathetic smile. The Gothic makeup was nothing but black smears running down her cheeks.

“They didn’t even have the decency to give me waterproof mascara!” She erupted in another burst of tears, hiding her face with her gloved hands.

David was beside himself. “Lauren. Please, don’t cry. We can fix this.” He helped her up into a standing position. “And for the record, I never told Sabrina that I was a fan of this designer. I told her his creations looked like repulsive Great Gatsby zombies!” He couldn’t believe that Sabrina had deliberately done this, lying to Lauren on top of it. This news brought about another burst of tears.

“I’m a repulsive zombie.” she sobbed.

He started to lead her into the master bathroom, determined to repair the situation when the hotel phone started to ring.

“Blasted!” he yelled, quickly answering it. “Yes?” He listened as the concierge informed him that their limo was waiting. They had run out of time.

“I will be there momentarily.” He slammed the phone down.

Lauren stood in the doorway with two smudged eyes watching him, her chest rising and falling as she tried to catch her breath, keeping her sobs at bay.

“You have to go,” she said, the look on her pitiful, makeup-stained face ghostly.

“I don’t have to,” he replied. He started to take off the bow tie of his Ralph Lauren tuxedo. He didn’t have to do anything but console her. “Screw the award.”

“No! David, you have to go! They’ll blame me.” Her lower lip trembled as she steadied herself against the doorframe.

He closed his eyes and rubbed the back of his neck.

“Can’t you see? This isn’t going to work.”

“What?” He hadn’t heard her correctly, his eyes opening quickly.


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