BCL2 Marisol’s Anniversary

  Happy Anniversary, Marisol!! Can you believe that Marisol's book has it's first anniversary? I sure can't. It has being a wonderful year and I can't thank you enough for yous support. Laura's Wedding was the book that started it all, but I know some of you love Marisol's even better. Next year we'll have…Read more BCL2 Marisol’s Anniversary

Marisol’s First Anniversary

How's are you planning on celebrating the Holidays? I know you have wonderful plans for the following weeks, which include enjoying a good book. Me too!!! I have lots of books in my TRL and can't wait to get started with them. I just finished A Little Torrid Affair by Kendall Ryan and started Noah…Read more Marisol’s First Anniversary

Happy Book Anniversary!

Happy Anniversary Laura! Hello, everyone!! Today is a very special day to be since it's┬áThe Bridesmaid's Checklist: Laura's Wedding book anniversary. The first book I've ever published!! I wanted to do something special To celebrate this day, and I decided the best I could do was have both books in The Bridesmaid's Checklist series, Laura's…Read more Happy Book Anniversary!

EskieMama and Dragon Lady Celebration

Good morning amazing people out there, I'm super excited that today I was invited to celebrate with Melissa and Jara their first aniversary. To celebrate, they organized several spotlights and giveaways... there's a Facebook Hop, a Facebook Party and a Big Giveaway. Honestly, you can't miss it! Visit their Facebook Celebration Event Page to learn…Read more EskieMama and Dragon Lady Celebration